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Syria Media Roundup (February 23)

Sunday Times reporter Marie Colvin, killed in Syria on Wednesday reminds us all of the importance of front line reporting (1) along with a French photographer, Remi Ochlik and, on the previous day a Syrian citizen journalist Rami Al-Sayed (2) ‘Phone Calls to Hell’: Syria’s citizen journalists, including ...  Read More »

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Remembering Anthony Shadid

His untimely death silences one of the best Middle East reporters.  We at the Middle East Institute at the National University of Singapore, along with the global Middle East Studies community, mourn the loss of the brilliant, gifted Anthony Shadid, whose reporting of the Middle East over the past two decades ...  Read More »

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Our Friend Anthony Shadid's Stories

I feel like I need to write the stories, he would say, or the stories will not get told. And so often Anthony Shadid did write the stories no one else would—the stories from Iraq, from Lebanon, from Libya, from Syria. In the end, he died on a dirt road in Syria, carried by a fellow journalist across the border to ...  Read More »

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Anthony Shadid Is No Longer with Us

Anthony was a dear friend and colleague to so many of us at Jadaliyya. We are shocked and devastated by this loss. We have very little to say at this point, except to offer our deepest condolences to his family. Jadaliyya Editors   From the New York Times (Thursday Evening): At Work in Syria, Times ...  Read More »

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Syria Media Roundup (February 16)

Recent articles and analysis on Syria, representing diverse positions: Virtual and on-the-ground changes to Syria’s streets and squares Chatham House on Syria (1) Chatham House on Syria (2) Some tribal history for Syria Syria, Spin and Propaganda on Al-Jazeera’s The Listening Post The real Syrian opposition...? ...  Read More »

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Syria's Cyber Operations

The Internet is the first medium in history that supports groups and conversations at the same time. While the telephone gave us a one-to-one platform and televisions, magazines, radios, and books gave us the one-to-many platform, the Internet gave us the many-to-many platform. As a tool of communication and sharing, ...  Read More »

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What Is Cultural Terrorism?

As a well disciplined anthropologist I have learned to be weary of the word “culture.” In fact, it is difficult for me to write the word without using scare quotes. But after Lebanese boycott, divestment and sanctions (BDS) activists scored an important victory last month, the word has been everywhere in my online ...  Read More »

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Beyond Mullahs and Persian Party People: The Invisibility of Being Iranian on TV

At first glance, the impending premiere of Bravo’s Shahs of Sunset would seem to herald that Iranian Americans have finally achieved melting pot bliss in the cauldron of American multiculturalism. After three decades of villainy, cultural essentialism, and protagonistic invisibility in American media, six youngish ...  Read More »

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Ayaan Hirsi Ali's War

For a couple of centuries now, we have had to make due with Samuel Johnson’s famous phrase: “Patriotism is the last refuge of a scoundrel.” Thanks to Ayaan Hirsi Ali, we can now revise this phrase for the twenty-first century. Tthe last last refuge of a scoundrel, it appears, lies in taking up the battle against ...  Read More »

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US on UN Veto: "Disgusting", "Shameful", "Deplorable", "a Travesty" . . . Really?

    A Quick Listing of The United States' Record of Veto Use at the United Nations (UN): 1972–2011* [Including Resolutions against Decades of Atrocities and Violations, Often Supported and/or Bankrolled by the United States]       Year  Resolution Vetoed by the United ...  Read More »

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Tribalism in the Arabian Peninsula: It Is a Family Affair

Across the Arabian Peninsula and stretching well into North Africa and Sudan, there is a common bond, perhaps only behind religion and language in importance, that binds Arabic language speakers together. Museums across the Gulf proudly display lineage maps illustrating the family trees of ruling members, linking them ...  Read More »

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A Year in the Life of Egypt's Media: A 2011 Timeline [Updated]

[This timeline is part of a series on Egypt's media after Mubarak. Click here to read "Free at Last?"] FEBRUARY 10: Thousands of protesters converge from different areas in Cairo and Alexandria on the Ministry of Defense and the Northern Military Area, respectively. Demonstrators called for an immediate ...  Read More »

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The Revolutionaries Will Return on January 25

While 25 January 2011 marks the first anniversary of Egypt’s revolution, for many Egyptians, January twenth-figth is not a day for celebration but a day to complete unfulfilled promises of the revolution they started a year ago: bread, freedom, and social justice. Produced by the Mosireen collective, the following ...  Read More »

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Murdoch's Homeland

Terrorists have backstories, and American politicians play dirty in the “war on terror”. These revelations are what propel the Showtime’s hit series, Homeland, seemingly setting it apart from other pop culture representations of post-9/11 America. “How do you tell a thriller in the post-9/11, post-Abu Ghraib, and ...  Read More »

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The Current Media Landscape in Egypt: An Interview with Hossam El Hamalawy

With the first anniversary of the January 25 uprising in Egypt fast approaching, Egypt’s military junta has stepped up its media campaign against democracy activists. Since February 2011, sixteen private channels, many of them owned by bussiness tycoons, have received licences from the state. However, in September ...  Read More »

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The Foibles of Thomas Friedman

Belén Fernández, The Imperial Messenger: Thomas Friedman at Work. London and New York: Verso, 2011. A researcher once carried out an informal study to try to find out whether or not people actually read the books on bestseller lists. To find out, he put envelopes in the reputedly high-selling books. In each ...  Read More »

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"Have a Nice Day, Buddy:" What The Actions of a Few US Marines Say About Us All

Golden, like a shower, said one of the US marines as he urinated, along with three of his fellow officers, on three dead Afghans. Over the last forty-eight hours this grizzly spectacle has resuscitated the horrific images of US soldiers’ torturing and sexually humiliating men from Abu Ghraib prison to Guantanamo Bay. ...  Read More »

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American Elections Watch 1: Rick Santorum and The Dangers of Theocracy

One day after returning to the United States after a trip to Lebanon, I watched the latest Republican Presidential Primary Debate. Unsurprisingly, Iran loomed large in questions related to foreign policy. One by one (with the exception of Ron Paul) the candidates repeated President Obama's demand that Iran not block ...  Read More »

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Egypt's New War of Information

The war of information in Egypt — one that has been at the heart of this revolution since its inception — is escalating. On one side, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF), and the institutions it rules over, are making twin use of a fully compliant state media apparatus to demonize the protest ...  Read More »

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Egyptian Blogger Alaa Abd El Fattah on His Detention and Egypt: Democracy Now! Interview

Alaa Abd El Fattah, a prominent Egyptian revolutionary activist and blogger, has been released from prison after nearly two months behind bars. Fattah was ordered jailed by a military court on October 30 and summoned to face charges that included inciting violence—a charge he firmly denies. He refused to cooperate, ...  Read More »

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"Operational Accidents": On the Turkish State and Kurdish Deaths

Reading the press release issued by the Turkish Armed Forces on Thursday, 29 December 2011, it is impossible to get the sense that during the previous night, its warplanes struck and killed thirty-five citizens of Turkey, many of them high school students and all of them civilians. When referring to the young Kurdish ...  Read More »

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"No Room for Palestinian Artist": An Interview with Larissa Sansour

The following three photos are part of The Nation Estate project by Larissa Sansour. The Project "is a sci-fi photo series conceived in the wake of the Palestinian bid for nationhood at the UN. Three preliminary sketches have been developed especially for the Lacoste Elysée Prize 2011" (Sansour). Her ...  Read More »

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On Being "Wrong" on Iraq

This is not another article about Christopher Hitchens. This may come as something of a relief, given the spilling of ink occasioned by Hitchens’ untimely death last week, with Neal Pollock’s fine parody hopefully bringing this outpouring to an end. After an initial set of hagiographies, it was encouraging to see a ...  Read More »

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Jadaliyya Launches O.M.A.R. Page: On Media and Reporting

Jadaliyya is hereby launching its new On Media and Reporting (O.M.A.R.) page. You can access the page here. We will soon be issuing a Call for Reports/Papers/Interviews/Videos that address reporting on the region. This effort is intended to analyze critically the lenses through which the region and various related ...  Read More »

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Stark Challenges for Iraq as US Exits: Interview with The Guardian's Martin Chulov

Martin Chulov has been the Baghdad correspondent for the Guardian of London. He has been covering the Middle East since 2005. In this interview, Chulov discusses the situation on the ground in Iraq as the last of the American soldiers complete their withdrawal. The end of the war leaves a country ...  Read More »

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Pioneer Bloggers in the Gulf Arab States

Long before Facebook updates and 140-character tweets, a number of cyber activists defined the landscape of non-government led opinion in the Gulf Arab states. In less than a decade, a group of bloggers—many of whom have never met—has paved the way for the emergence of the “other opinion” that was and continues to be ...  Read More »

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The Iraq We are Leaving Behind: Interview with Jadaliyya Co-Editor Sinan Antoon

This is an interview with Jadaliyya Co-Editor Sinan Antoon on the Brian Lehrer Show (WNYC). “Closure” is a very productive trope in political and other narratives. It drowns out all other voices (preferably with applause), produces silence and draws a fictitious end. The curtain is drawn and the crowd’s already brief ...  Read More »

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Free at Last? Charting Egypt's Media Post-Mubarak

Old Habits Die Hard On the morning of 12 February, Al-Ahram, the Egyptian national newspaper and the publication with the widest distribution in the Arab world, ran a headline over its banner declaring: “The People Have Toppled the Regime.” Like the rest of the government-run media, both print and broadcast, ...  Read More »

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The Materiality of Virtuality: Internet Reporting on Arab Revolutions

Feminists and women of color for years have been making the intervention that materiality matters. Even in the digital world, the idea that data should be abstracted and free-floating serves to reinforce the authority of privileged, white male practices. For literary critic Katherine Hayles, "[This] leads to a ...  Read More »

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Call for Photos: Become a Contributing Photographer at Jadaliyya

Jadaliyya needs captivating photographs of the Arab world. As a primarily volunteer ezine, Jadaliyya depends on the solidarity and generosity of friends and supporters. We need your help now! Tens of thousands of unique viewers a month will see your work if you choose to let us display your photos under a Creative ...  Read More »

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