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Ghada's Testimony on Being Tortured by the Egyptian Army

In this video, Ghada recounts details about being tortured by the Egyptian army as well as specifics regarding their behavior and tactics. The account includes disturbing details, including descriptions of what she witnessed while in captivity. The video is in Arabic and features subtitles. A translated transcription ...  Read More »

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Urbanizing the Counter-Revolution

Since February of this year Cairo has become dotted with sites of trauma, locations where violence—and often death—have taken place at the hands of security forces or army personnel. Despite the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces’ (SCAF) claim that it “protected the revolution” and its continuous promises to ...  Read More »

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Martyrs of the Egyptian Revolution: January - December 2011 (Video)

The following video shows the sacrifice of Egypt's martyrs for their revolution: the fight from January through the present moment, against Mubarak, his police state, the army, and SCAF. A complete list of the names of the fallen is provided at the end of the film. Please share widely, and in solidarity. Warning: ...  Read More »

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بانتظار علياء

 [المقال نشر على موقع جدلية باللغة الإنجليزية وترجمه إلى العربية يوسف حداد] من السهل مشاهدة صور لنساء عاريات أينما نظرنا من حولنا. فصورهن موجودة في كل مكان على مواقع الإنترنت وفي المعارض الفنية وعلى شاشات التلفزة وفي الأفلام السينمائية طبعاً. أما صور النساء ”شبه العاريات“ فهي الأكثر رواجاً. إذ نراها تنتشر على ...  Read More »

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Palestinian Bloggers and Activists' Statement in Solidarity with Razan Ghazzawi

[The following statement was issued on 14 December 2011 by various Palestinian bloggers and activists in support of Razan Ghazzawi, a Syrian activist that was recently detained by the Syrian security forces and sentenced to fifteen years.] We, a group of Palestinian bloggers and activists raise our voices loud and ...  Read More »

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Time for an Independent Conversation

[The following editorial was published by the editors of Egypt Independent, an affiliated publication of Al-Masry Al-Youm, in response to the latter's censorship of and interference in the content-related decision-making of Egypt Independent.] On 24 November, we issued the first edition of our new project, Egypt ...  Read More »

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NEWTON Authors Rochelle Davis and Alan Mikhail Receive 2011 MESA Book Awards

We are very happy to report that two authors whose books were recently featured in New Texts Out Now (NEWTON) were recipients of prestigious awards at the 2011 Middle East Studies Association convention. Rochelle Davis, whose book Palestinian Village Histories: Geographies of the Displaced was featured in NEWTON last ...  Read More »

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Sectarianism, Opposition Parties, and Online Activism in Bahrain: An Interview with Blogger Chan'ad Bahraini

For the blogosphere in the Gulf region, the name Chan'ad became a reference to all of those who were seeking accurate, well written, and up-to-date inside information from Bahrain in English. Chan'ad, author of the blog Chan'ad Bahraini 2.0, has been a prominent figure of digital activism in Bahrain and the region ...  Read More »

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BBC Interview with Jadaliyya Co-Editor Bassam Haddad on Asad's ABC Interview

Too much was made of today's ABC Interview with the Syrian President Bashar Asad today, at least in the so-called "West," as compared with the Middle East. Notably, this was the first time in a long while that Bashar spoke publicly, and certainly the first time he appeared on an American network. In this BBC ...  Read More »

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Barbara Walters' ABC Interview With President Bashar Asad

What ABC interview? There was no interview.    [Listen to a brief commentary on BBC by the author]               Read More »

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The Plot Thickens: Ghalyoun's “Ill-Conceived” Statements in the WSJ Interview

[For the text of the interview that the Wall Street Journal conducted with the head of the Syrian National Council, Burhan Ghalyoun, click here]  Leaving the problematic statements about Iran and Hizballah aside, in whose interest is it for the head of the Syrian National Council (SNC) to talk about how the ...  Read More »

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Open Letter to National Press Club and Their Subsequent Decision to Rescind Suspension of Sam Husseini

The Ethics Committee of the National Press Club has asked me to present my journalistic credentials following the controversy of my suspension from the Club because of my questioning of the former head of Saudi intelligence Amb. Turki bin Faisal al-Saud. (Click here for video of the questioning). The proof ...  Read More »

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Framing Syria

Over the last forty years, the Assad regime has mastered the method of burying our stories almost as well as burying our people. Our cities, like their residents, carry the scars of brutality, hiding decades of bloody secrets within their thick stone walls. One city in particular, Hama, lives with a ...  Read More »

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Waiting for Alia

It is quite easy to see a woman naked. In fact, naked women are always only an internet search, an art gallery, a television show, or film away. The semi-naked, alluring female form is even more pervasive. These images stare at us from billboards, music videos, and television advertisements asking us with their flesh ...  Read More »

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Journalist Who Questioned Legitimacy of Saudi Regime Suspended from National Press Club

On Monday, 14 November 2011, I went to a news conference at  the National Press Club, where I am a member, titled "His Royal Highness Prince Turki al-Faisal al-Sa'ud of Saudi Arabia." I asked a tough question at the news conference -- a question that dealt with the very legitimacy of the Saudi regime. ...  Read More »

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The "Maspero Crime": Accounts Against the Counter-Revolution’s Power, Media, and Religion

At that point, I was alone, and so I began to walk back to Tahrir. Someone saw me tweeting and came to me. He asked me my name. So I said, “Hani Sobhi.” He then grabbed my wrists to see if I had a cross tattoo. And when he did not find one, he asked for my full name. I said, “Hani Sobhi Bushra.” He asked me if I was a ...  Read More »

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Kherrberr: The New Lebanese Media Monitor on Gender Discrimination

Kherrberr is a media monitor that specializes in overseeing the different types of gender discrimination, including biases based on color, race, religion, appearance, sexual orientation, and social class.  In Lebanon, women do not have the most basic rights. There is a continued absence of laws that protect them ...  Read More »

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R-Shief Opens Its Databases of Twitter #Occupy Tags and Analytics In A Collective 3-Day Effort to #Occupydata

LOS ANGELES, October 26, 2011- 3 Days, 30 Twitter hashtags, and countless ways to understand the occupy movement. From 09 December 2011 to 11 December 2011, R-Shief, a lab that collects and analyzes Middle East content from the Internet, will hold its first hackathon with satellite locations throughout the world. The ...  Read More »

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Collage of Images from Social Media Today

. . . . . . .          By: Eirs Bors "Wuroud Qasem" Hurwitt Eyad Shataiwe  Read More »

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"Poverty in Saudi Arabia" Short Documentary and Carlos Latuff's Take on Filmmaker's Arrest

  The below cartoon is by Brazilian political artist, Carlos Latuff. It depicts the recent arrest in Saudi Arabia of Feras Boqnah and his film team. Boqnah and his associates recently produced a short documentary highlighting poverty among twenty-two percent of Saudi Arabia’s population.  Saudi authorities ...  Read More »

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The Maspero Massacre: The Military, the Media, and the 1952 Cairo Fire as Historical Blueprint

The Maspero Massacre and the official media policy that emerged in its wake can only be understood in the context of the ongoing struggle between the national security state and forces working to achieve a fledgling democracy in Egypt. The January Revolution was a transformative moment in the country’s history: a ...  Read More »

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Lawrence of E-rabia: Facebook and the New Arab Revolt

As the growing tide of protest, resistance, and insurrection across the Arab world began to threaten regimes once considered permanent fixtures of the region’s political landscape, it was almost as if everything had been turned upside down. That which always seemed so fixed and constant suddenly appeared temporary, ...  Read More »

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Statement on Press Restrictions in Jordan's New Anti-Corruption Bill

[The following statement was issued by the Committee to Protect Journalists on 30 September 2011.] New York, September 30, 2011--The Committee to Protect Journalists is disheartened by the passage in Jordan's lower chamber of Parliament of a draft anti-corruption law which would allow heavy fines for publishing ...  Read More »

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The Syrian Regime's Escalation of Violence: Links to Media Reports

According to Syrian protesters and activists, as well as regional and international media, today--Sunday July 31, 2011--is thus far the bloodiest and deadliest day of the more than four-month-old Syrian uprising. Numerous accounts and reports have described what can only be considered a dramatic escalation in the ...  Read More »

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Palestine in Scare Quotes: From the NYT Grammar Book

When I feel the need for my blood pressure to go up, I read the New York Times’ coverage of Israel-Palestine. The extent to which the Times’ reporting (or misreporting) is deeply slanted, selective, and misleading has been thoroughly documented in Richard Falk’s and Howard Friel’s Israel-Palestine on Record: How the ...  Read More »

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Orientalising the Egyptian Uprising, Take Two: A Response to Rabab el-Mahdi and Her Interlocutors

Published by Jadaliyya on April 11 2011, Rabab el-Mahdi’s “Orientalising the Egyptian Uprising” precipitated a spirited discussion both in online comments on the article and offline discussions among Jadaliyya readers. While it is impossible to do justice to the article and the debates it has generated, the crux of ...  Read More »

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Call for Submissions: Youth, Media and the Politics of Change in North Africa

Middle East Journal of Culture and Communication Special Issue Call for Papers Youth, Media and the Politics of Change in North Africa: Negotiating Identities, Spaces and Power Guest Editor: Loubna H. Skalli (American University, Washington D.C.) This special issue of the Middle East Journal of Culture and ...  Read More »

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Youth, Media and the Art of Protest in North Africa

“Everyone has his own way of fighting, and my weapon is art!” says Milad Faraway, a 20 year-old Libyan who created the rap group Music Masters with another young friend in 2010. Their song “Youth of the Revolution” urges “Moammar [to] get out” and end the violation of Libyans’ rights. “Qadhafi, open your eyes wide” ...  Read More »

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Three Powerfully Wrong--and Wrongly Powerful--American Narratives about the Arab Spring

The “Arab Spring” that actually began in the dead of winter has spread from Tunisia to Egypt, Libya, Yemen, Bahrain, and Syria…and the year only half over. As the media, policymakers, and global audiences struggle to make sense of changes that have inspired hundreds of millions to “just say no” to decades ...  Read More »

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A Critique of Reporting on the Middle East

I’ve spent most of the last eight years working in Iraq and also in Somalia, Afghanistan, Yemen, and other countries in the Muslim world. So all my work has taken place in the shadow of the war on terror and has in fact been thanks to this war, even if I’ve labored to disprove the underlying premises of this war. In a ...  Read More »

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